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The Cure for the Menu Bored

Epicure Digital Systems is a digital menu board company uniquely integrating our expertise in software technology, restaurant operations & food service marketing to create digital signage products and services for the food service industry.

Our core product is the Epicure Digital Menu System. Our core services are menu engineering, menu design, nutritional menu labeling, content creation, and integration with back of house menu planning and nutritional management systems.

We create visually compelling multi-media menus that solve our client’s complex menu engineering and point-of-sale marketing issues.

By creatively combining information, imagery, food photography and motion; we enhance the dining experience for a captive and receptive audience: your customers at the point-of-sale.

We call this experience

The Cure for the Menu Bored™

Back of House Meets Front of House

Display NUTRITIONAL menu Labeling icons

Let Epicure Digital integrate with your back of house food service management, menu planning and nutritional data base systems to automatically display on beautiful Epicure Digital Menu Boards.


With the use of the Epicure Digital Menu System integrated with our back-of-house foodservice and nutrition management software, the savings have been approximately 40 administrative hours and $75 per week in paper and toner supplies.

Arliene Belock, Administrative & Catering Coordinator,

Dartmouth Dining Services

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Help guests make healthier choices by displaying nutritional data and icons representing food groups, nutritional scoring, & allergens. Meet the Food and Drug Administration's regulations to display calorie information on menu boards.

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Three Epicure Digital Systems Available

Centra Menu System

Classic Cloud Menu System

Centra Display Menu System

This System integrates with back-of-house menu planning and nutrition management systems including Computrition Hospitality Suite®, CBORD Foodservice Systems®, Aurora FoodPro®, and others. A Centra Menu System can pay for itself in its first year by savings in administrative labor alone.


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This System allows you to enter and maintain a data base of menu items with their nutrients, allergens and other menu labeling traits; enter your menu cycle menus using WYSIWYG input templates; globally replace items in your menu cycle; make
on-screen changes in real-time during meal periods; and more.

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This System allows you to control, maintain and schedule your own menus and content on one or more Smart LCDs in one location or a network of locations, each LCD and location controlled independently or in groups.



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Installed at Amazon Web Services, our Centra Cloud Server requires no on-premise computers. And we use Samsung Smart LCDs with the built-in Samsung Smart Signage Platform – an integrated solution for receiving and displaying content over the Internet, reducing the need for separate media players and remote access to maintain them; and making it as simple as hanging a digital menu board where ever you have power and WiFi in dining and retail locations everywhere – in one facility or multiple facilities across multiple campuses.

The Epicure Digital Content Management System (CMS) is easy to learn and use because its WYSIWYG interface allows you to preview your back-of-house menus as they will appear on your front-of-house menu boards. This immediate visual feedback between your
back-of-house menu planning system and our CMS, along with
a graphical user guide and live and online support make any Epicure Digital Menu System easy to learn and use.

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